Does Your Air Conditioner Really Need Maintenance?

Would you drive your car for tens of thousands of miles without changing the oil? Most car owners know that regular oil changes keep the automobile running in optimal condition. And routine air conditioning maintenance is just as important in making the system operate properly for longer. In fact, regular maintenance improves performance, lowers your monthly bills, and could keep your AC around for a little bit longer.

Professional Maintenance Is Key to a Healthy System

There are a few things you should do on your own in order to keep your air conditioner in good shape, such as changing the air filter regularly (every 1 – 3 months) and keeping large debris away from the outside unit. In general, however, professional maintenance is one of the most important steps you can take in keeping your AC in good shape.

Professional air conditioning maintenance involves the following steps:

  • Inspection: A skilled technician can recognize any hidden issues with your AC quickly. If there is anything wrong with your system, your technician lets you know so that you can schedule service right away in order to keep the repair need from worsening.
  • Adjustment: Over the course of a year, some of the parts of your system may become bent, loose, or otherwise damaged. Technicians may tighten electrical connections, calibrate the thermostat, or straightened bent coil fins.
  • Cleaning: A layer of dirt on the condenser coil prevents heat from effectively dissipating, which means your home cannot cool as quickly. Professionals know the proper ways to clean the coils and other components of your air conditioner.

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