Attic Fans – Cool Your House Quickly

When you’re worried about keeping your home cool in the summer, having a good air conditioning system is probably the first thing that comes to mind. And a high-quality, energy efficient air conditioner is definitely an important component of your home comfort system. But if you really want to get the most out of that air conditioner without paying too much in energy costs, you should look into having an attic fan installed as well.

The Value of a Good Attic Fan

So why do you need an attic fan if you already have an air conditioner? Well, to begin with, a great deal of the heat that comes into your house during the summer does so directly through the roof of your home. As the sun beats down on your roof hour after hour, heat is constantly being transferred through the roof and into your attic. And as the temperature in your attic rises, some of that heat is transferred to the air in your living spaces as well.

Of course, with your state of the art air conditioner in place, you probably won’t even be aware that this is taking place. But because the heat coming into your attic raises the temperature in other parts of your home, your air conditioner is working that much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in all living spaces. And that means it’s using more energy than necessary to keep your house cool.

One easy way to combat this situation is to put in an attic fan. Many of these devices even run on solar power, so once they’re in place, they cost you virtually nothing to operate. A good attic fan will switch on anytime the temperature in your attic gets above a certain level and will work quickly to channel that extra heat right back outside. This means that your attic temperature will stay at a reasonable level, and the rest of your house will not be impacted by the heat coming in through the roof.

While an attic fan isn’t a terribly complicated piece of equipment to install, it’s worth it to have the job done by a professional because it does involve cutting a hole in your roof all the way through to your attic. A professional can make sure that the hole is in the proper place and sealed up tightly so water, bugs and other debris don’t find their way in.