What to Do Before Turning on Your Media AC for First Time

The weather is starting to heat up and you are eager to flip the switch on your Media PA air conditioning system for the first time. It’s been sitting there since spring, waiting to be used, but now you wonder if there are any tasks that should be completed before its first use. Depending on the type of system you had installed there are a few things you should keep in mind before you cool down your house. They include:

  • Media Air Conditioning MaintenanceOutdoor Cleaning – You need to make sure that your outdoor unit is clean and clear of debris before you turn on your AC. Brush off any leaves and check under the cover to clear out anything that might have gotten beneath it. You should also take a look at the supply registers to make sure they are clear.  It is also a good idea to replace your air filters.
  • Check Your Thermostat – You should make sure that your thermostat is functioning before you start using your air conditioning system. A simple way to check is to set your system to auto-cool and lower your thermostat to a few degrees below the current room temperature. Your air conditioner should turn on to cool the room; if it doesn’t, have a professional come out and take a look at your system.
  • Clear Away Winter and Spring Dust – Now that your system is running, make sure you check the filters for any buildup of dust that was in the ductwork. Over the off season, your ducts might develop a layer of dust and debris, especially if your heating system doesn’t make use of them. The filters might clog quickly as a result.
  • Check for Water Leaks – Your condensate overflow drain should work properly as well – check for any potential leaks during the first 48 hours of operation. Even a small leak should be checked immediately to avoid potential problems as summer cooling season kicks in.

If you notice any problems other than those listed above, you should call a service professional immediately. Ideally you will have your system inspected in early-mid spring to ensure it is ready for the summer, but even so problems can develop between inspection and first running. Electrical issues especially should be checked immediately.