Springfield Air Conditioning Tip: Problems Caused by Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your Springfield air conditioner is vital to its operation. When the refrigerant is depleted, either because of a leak or due to some other cause, a number of problems can develop. Read on to learn about some of the more common problems caused by low refrigerant.

Insufficient Cooling

Generally, the most obvious sign of low refrigerant levels is insufficient cooling. While there can be other causes of an air conditioner blowing warm air, low refrigerant is one thing that will definitely do it. The system may need a recharge in order to work properly again.


Oddly enough, low refrigerant levels can also be the cause of icing on the coils of your AC unit. This may seem strange since, logically, less refrigerant means warmer temperatures, but it happens. In cases like these, the icing and the decreased levels of refrigerant are usually both caused by a refrigerant leak somewhere in the lines. So, while the low refrigerant isn’t necessarily causing the icing problem, they are both symptoms of the same problem.

System Won’t Turn On

In some systems, if the refrigerant is too low, the system won’t turn on at all. This is a safety measure, part of a fail safe mechanism that prevents damage to the AC system by not allowing it to turn on when there is not adequate refrigerant.

A system that doesn’t turn on at all can also be the sign of a bigger problem – a bad compressor, for example – but in some cases it’s just the refrigerant levels that are the problem.

If you suspect that your AC system is low on refrigerant, call a Springfield AC contractor to have it inspected. It may just need a recharge of the refrigerant, but there could also be a leak somewhere that needs to be repaired. If the bigger problem is left unchecked, the same symptoms will just keep occurring. Call Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning today if you need your air conditioner repaired in the Springfield area!