Media Air Conditioning Guide: Signs of AC Electrical Problems

The trouble with electrical problems in any appliance is that they are often difficult to detect or notice until something goes really wrong. Sometimes this can even mean bringing about an unsafe situation. Learn to spot the signs of electrical problems in your Media AC system for early detection and to prevent bigger problems.

1.       Bad, Strange or Unusual Odor

A number of problems could potentially cause strange odors to emanate from your air conditioner, but the most dangerous and acute cause is an electrical problem. A faint burning smell can indicate that the insulation has melted off the internal wiring, creating an unsafe condition of exposed wires  inside your AC unit. Exposed wires can cause short circuits, fires or worse, so cut the power to the system right away and see professional repairs.

2.       Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers or Blown Fuses

If your AC is frequently faulting out due to a tripped breaker or blown fuse, it could be trying to tell you that there is an electrical problem that needs attention. Circuit breakers are designed to trip and cut power to the appliance when the circuit is overloaded, as a fail safe mechanism to prevent unsafe operation. While an occasional trip is usually nothing to worry about – it could just be too many appliances operating at once – a frequent occurrence could be the sign of a deeper and potentially dangerous problem.

3.       Excessive Cycling On & Off

Do you hear your AC system frequently turning on and then cutting back off just a few minutes later, only to repeat the cycle again in just another few minutes? This is called excessive cycling, and it can be a sign of thermostat malfunction. If the wiring in your thermostat is faulty or malfunctioning, you will experience excessive cycling from your AC system.

4.       Air Not as Cool As it Used to Be

A noticeable decline in cooling performance can be a warning sign of myriad common AC issues, including an underlying electrical problem. One cause is a change in the line voltage, which can disrupt operation of the compressor, which makes it less able to cool the air. If you notice any appreciable drop in your system’s cooling output, call a professional to diagnose the problem.

5.       AC Won’t Power On

Sometimes, your AC simply won’t power on. This could be the result of any number of electrical problems, from a poorly wired thermostat to an overloaded circuit that keeps tripping the breaker. It could also be the wiring to the blower motor or compressor, or something different entirely. Either way, a unit that simply won’t turn on is a clear problem that should be checked out right away.

Any time you notice or suspect an electrical problem with any major home system or appliance, the smart thing to do is cut the power at the breaker box or fuse panel and call an electrician or a qualified Media, PA air conditioning professional to fix the problem. Electricity is dangerous, and electrical work should only be performed by authorized professionals. Call Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning today if you need any air conditioning repair!