Ridley Park Air Conditioning Tip: Benefits of Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioners, sometimes also called ductless mini split systems, are a multi-room or whole house cooling solution that doesn’t require ductwork. This makes them a good option for smaller or older homes where there is no ductwork, but are there any other benefits of ductless AC in Ridley Park?

Turns out that there are– at least five of them, in fact:

1.       Easy to Install

Because of the time and effort it usually takes to install ducts, a ductless air conditioning system can be installed much more quickly than a traditional central air system. A ductless system can usually be installed in less than a day, whereas putting in a new central air system from scratch can take up to a week. That means six fewer days of having a crew working in your house while you sweat out the blazing summer heat.

2.       Easy to Use

The individual indoor satellite units of a ductless system can be controlled independently, often by remote control. That means you can adjust the temperature in one room without affecting the rest of the house, and often you can do it without even getting up.

3.       Cheap to Operate

Ductless AC systems draw less power than traditional central air conditioning, which makes them generally a more cost effective solution. Plus, since you can control individual units (see #2), it doesn’t cost nearly as much to cool just one room.

4.       Quiet Operation

The equipment involved in ductless AC systems is very quiet, often generating nothing more than a low hum.

5.       Small Footprint

Ductless air conditioners take up very little space, which makes them unobtrusive when in use and easy to store when they are not.

When looking for a home cooling solution, consider the benefits of a ductless AC system before making your decision. You may see that it is a better option for you than traditional central air conditioning in Ridley Park. Call Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning today if you are interest in having a ductless AC system installed!