Media Air Conditioning Question: What Does the AC Condensate Drain Do?

A frequent question that contractors report getting from homeowners pertains to the AC condensate drain – what is it and what does it do? The condensate drain is one of those components of your Media, PA air conditioning system that you hear about fairly often, but its exact function tends to be a mystery to most people.

The Condensate System

In addition to cooling the air in your home, an air conditioner also removes humidity. It does this by drawing in ambient air, which then passes over a coil filled with cold refrigerant, called a condenser coil. When the warm ambient air comes into contact with the cold condenser coil, the moisture in that air condenses from gas to a liquid state – water.

This water is collected by the air conditioner and drained off, thereby removing it from the air entirely, resulting in less humidity in your home.

The Role of the Condensate Drain

The condensate system consists of a number of parts: a drip tray to catch and collect the condensed moisture, a small pump to drain the water from the tray and the condensate drain.

The job of the condensate drain is just what you would expect based on its name and what you just read about the condensate system as a whole – that is, it drains away the condensed water. Via the condensate drain, this moisture is drained out of the air conditioner and out of the house.

Where this condensed moisture goes varies from system to system. Sometimes it empties into a basement floor drain, other times it may makes its way to the waste line. Either way, it is because of the condensate drain that this moisture is able to leave the AC system and the house.

Problems with Condensate Drainage

The condensate drain is an important part of the air conditioning process, as leaving that excess moisture around can cause problems, like mold growth, rust or insect damage. Any time your Media air conditioner’s condensate drain is not working properly, due to a clog or a bad pump motor, you are at risk for these problems to crop up. Call Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning today if you are having any problems with your air conditioning system!