Media HVAC Guide: Using Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning

Many times when we hear the words “heat pump” we think of just that: heating an internal space.  However, heat pumps do more than just heat air: heat pumps also air condition indoor air.  As a licensed air conditioning company in Media, Cool It HVAC understands how heat pumps work and can help you see how they might work for you as well.  So when it comes to the question of how using heat pumps for air conditioning works, let us be your guide!

How Heat Pumps Air Condition Indoor Air

Heat pumps utilize only a small amount of energy which must be purchased within the process of cooling indoor air.  A heat pump creates cold air through the process of thermal energy in which air is moved from one location to another and in the process the air is cooled.

While normally heat pumps pull heat from the air (air-source heat pump) for use in heating indoor spaces the process is just revered for air conditioning.  With air conditioning purposes heat pumps pull the cold temperatures from either the air or ground.  During the air conditioning process hot air from inside is pumped outside while the cold air from outside is pumped inside.  It is one of the simplest methods of air conditioning and heating around.

There are many great qualities about heat pumps.  One is the fact that they are very energy-efficient, especially in the winter when the heating element is being utilized.  This is because they use only a fraction of the amount of purchased energy which other heating systems take to heat.  While in air conditioning mode they are still very energy-efficient but it is more comparable to what air conditioning systems offer as well.

Even so there are other distinct advantages of using heat pumps such as the fact that they are smaller in size and are generally located outside, which means they save on space indoors.  Because they provide both heating and air conditioning, that also means easier installation with one single unit, as well as less maintenance and fewer repairs since you do not have to do those things for separate air conditioner and heating units.

Use Your Heat Pump for Air Conditioning!

Cool It HVAC is a certified air conditioning company in Media that provides a wide variety of air conditioning services such as heat pump installation and replacement, as well as heat pump repair and maintenance.  Our Media AC technicians will provide you with quality workmanship which is completed in a timely manner.