Media Air Conditioning Question: What is Mini Split Air Conditioning?

With so many air conditioning system types on the market it is important to understand each of them when looking into one for your specific needs.  Mini split air conditioning systems are a wonderful option for either those with smaller space to accommodate an air conditioner inside, or for those that do not want to hassle with installation of a ductwork system.  Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning is an air conditioning company in Media that has experience working with mini split air conditioners and can help you understand them a little bit more.

Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Mini split air conditioning systems are compact in design and do not use ductwork systems to send air into a home or small business.  Rather they have two main components which work together: an outdoor condenser and compressor cabinet and an indoor air handler.  These two units are connected by the refrigerant tubing, power line, and drainage tubes.

Mini split air conditioners are normally used where a few small rooms need to be cooled, such as in a multi-family home, apartment, and in room additions on existing homes where the central air conditioning system will not be modified.  One single condenser unit can be connected to multiple indoor air handling units, which means the system can cool multiple rooms at once.  Additionally, on each air handling unit come the controls to set temperature settings and turn individual air handling units on or off as needed.  This way unused rooms need not be cooled, wasting energy to do so.

Mini splits have a number of mounting options and can be window mounted, wall-mounted or ceiling mounted through a flush drop-ceiling, or by being suspended from the ceiling.  These options are space-savers, allowing interior space of homes to be used for other purposes.

Mini split air conditioning is a wonderful option for those who do not have a duct system in place and still want the option to air condition without the added cost of that installation.

Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning has worked with mini split air conditioning and a variety of other air conditioner types. We are proud to offer efficient AC services such as mini split installation and replacement, as well as mini split air conditioning repair and maintenance.  Contact Cool It for all your Media mini split system needs!