Ridley Park AC Guide: Air Conditioner Electrical Requirements

At Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning we believe it is important for consumers to be well informed. Our team has put together some information to help you learn more about the electrical requirements of your air conditioner.

When you are having your new air conditioning system installed in your Ridley Park home, your contractor will work out the following requirements of your unit and make sure that your current electrical system can support it:

  • Voltage is the expected amount at which the motor is designed to operate, and motors tend to operate well with voltages that are within 10% of the voltage level denoted by the manufacturer.  There is a voltage or VAC for the compressor, as well as for the blower fan.
  • Cycles tend to range from 50 hertz to 60 hertz
  • Rated Load Amperage or RLA (aka Rated Load Current or RLC) it the anticipated load during normal use of the AC, and is right around 64% of the maximum load current.
  • Full Load Amperage or FLA is the maximum motor current draw that the motor can operate under without being damaged.
  • Locked Rotor Amperage or LRA will note the maximum current the AC motor will draw when the motor’s rotor gets locked and will not move. This can be 700% to 850% higher than the RLA or FLA.

With any mechanical piece of equipment that uses electricity to run it, there are degrees and variations of maximum allowable electrical use and minimum amounts of electrical use.  Understanding a little bit about each of these electrical requirements for AC systems will ensure that your existing electrical system has the requirements necessary to accommodate your next air conditioning system.  Contact Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning if you are interested in installing a new AC system in Ridley Park or the surrounding area!