Media Air Conditioning Question: How Can a Thermostat Upgrade Improve My AC System?

Newer technologies tend to come with more features, better options, and offer more efficiency.  The same is true with thermostats: newer varieties offer more to consumers than older models did.  Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning  is an air conditioning company in Media that is proud to offer the latest in technology when it comes to thermostats.

Thermostat Upgrades that Improve AC Systems

One of the latest thermostat upgrades to hit the market is the talking thermostat.  It offers many of the latest and greatest thermostat features such as a digital display for temperature reading, built-in time delay to prevent short cycling of the air conditioning system, programmable features that allow you to stop the cooling cycle while you are away during the day or on vacation, an alert when the AC filters need to be changed, as well as freeze protection if you are away and the temperature unexpectedly drops.  There is even a self-diagnostic tool which alerts you when something in the system needs to be serviced.

The best feature of all is that this thermostat talks!  Don’t worry that you can’t find your glasses or that you can’t see in the dark to read the display, with a talking thermostat you can walk through any number of functions such as adjusting temperature settings, programming settings, and even hearing when filters need changing or there are system issues.

With a thermostat upgrade of any kind you will improve your overall efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system by being able to preset times for it to run less frequently while no one is around.  Your indoor air quality will improve as a result of being able to know precisely when a filter needs changing, and AC efficiency is not negatively affected by reduced airflow.  You will also have access to some of the latest thermostat features such as touch-screen displays, digital readouts, and self-diagnostic tools.

As Media, PA thermostat specialists, Cool It can install a new thermostat in a quick and professional manner – call us today to learn more!