Media Water Heater Question: Is a Solar Water Heater Right for Me?

You’ve heard a lot about solar energy, but what about solar hot water? While solar panels may get all of the press, solar hot water is a very efficient solution for your hot water needs and can greatly reduce the cost of operating your Media hot water heater without the upfront investment that often accompanies solar panel installation.

 How Solar Hot Water Works

Solar hot water works by using the sun’s energy to heat a coolant that is then circulated to a water tank to heat water. To do this, a solar collector panel is installed on the roof of your home where it can absorb heat from the sun. That heat is transferred by the collector plate to refrigerant inside of small pipes that run through the collector. This refrigerant then circulates back to a holding tank where it runs through small copper coils to radiate heat into the water in that tank. The reason for that refrigerant is used instead of water is that it won’t freeze in the winter.

 The Benefits of Such a System

Solar hot water is very affordable – a much less expensive option than having a full solar array installed to replace the electrical use in your home. At the same time, hot water is a major expense in most homes, especially if your existing system uses an older tank water heater. So, the payoff period comes much quicker with a solar water heater.

You can keep a traditional heating source attached to ensure you always have hot water and the cost of operating and maintaining such a system is very low, so there really are no downsides.

Basically, if you are interested in saving money on your energy bills and want to explore solar energy as an option, one of the most affordable and effective places to start is with a solar hot water system. If you are interested in Media solar heater installation, contact Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning today and learn more about the installation process.