Media Heating Guide: Benefits of Forced Air Heating

The vast majority of Americans have forced air heating systems in their homes, but if you do not or if you are considering a change to a different type of heating system here are a few benefits to consider before you make your decision. Forced air can be a very efficient alternative in your Media home compared to some other heating system types.

Can Accommodate Other Systems

First on the list is the fact that a forced air system can immediately accommodate installation of an air conditioner, humidifier, and whole house air cleaner. These systems would otherwise be installed independently or in single-room versions. Forced air heating makes it possible to use them in conjunction with your existing air handler and with much less energy consumption.

No Water Issues

Hydronic systems and boilers require a number of water pipes that might possibly start to leak. If this happens, your home’s heating system will be out of commission and you will have a big mess on your hands. However, forced air has no such issues. Duct work needs to be maintained, but it cannot leak when a problem occurs.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to other fuel consuming devices like gas or oil boilers, forced air heating systems are very efficient. They offer AFUE ratings of up to 98% (in gas furnaces) and can support heat pumps which are both even more efficient as they burn no fuel for heat at all. They are only available if you have a forced air heating system however.

Modern boilers and other hydronic heating systems are efficient, generally quite safe and affordable to install and maintain, so the right heating system for your home depends on your individual needs.

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