Springfield PA Heating Tip: Benefits of a Maintenance Program

Some people, when they hear about the maintenance programs offered by local Springfield PA heating and air conditioning contractors, think that they are not worth the money.  However, that is rarely the truth. A maintenance program potentially can save the customer quite a lot. If you have questions about our service plan, call us today!

Repair Savings

Most maintenance programs include annual equipment inspections. During these inspections, your heating and air conditioning technicians can detect minor repairs that if left unattended could turn into catastrophic system failures. Repairing those kinds of huge problems is typically more expensive than the cost of regular maintenance.

Energy Savings

Your system wears down over time—it’s a fact. As your heating and AC system ages, it has to work harder to heat or cool your home. Many maintenance membership programs include regular tune-up visits. Tuning up your equipment is a great way to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

Repair Discounts

Many companies offer discounts on services for customers who join their maintenance club. At Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning, we give our service club members a 20% discount on replacement air quality products and a 5% discount on heating and air conditioning replacements.

Preferred Appointments

Some HVAC companies give preferential appointment times to their service members as well. At Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning, we guarantee our appointments to our service members.

If you have questions about the maintenance plans we offer in Springfield PA area or need to schedule a service, call Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning today!