Common Home Heating System Repairs in Prospect Park

It’s a sad fact of life that eventually everything breaks down—including the heating system in your home in Prospect Park. The only thing we can do is be prepared for it. But when it does happen to you, know that you are not alone. At Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning, we respond to calls for service for a number of very common heating repairs. Below, we’ve listed some of the top repairs that we see in Prospect Park.

Air Filter

This one of the most overlooked parts of your furnace or other forced-air heating system. Some people don’t realize that their furnace has an air filter that needs to be changed regularly. If it’s not changed it can cause a whole bunch of problems. Below are just a few of the ones that we see most often:

  • Low air flow – The air filter in your furnace filters incoming air to keep dust and debris from collecting in the furnace. If it gets clogged it will restrict the airflow through the furnace. This will obviously reduce the amount of air that will get to the homes in your house.
  • Furnace short cycling – Short cycling is when your furnace turns on and off very quickly. This can potentially lead to increased repair costs due to added wear on your system. It may also cause reduced efficiency.
  • Overheating – As your furnace heats up the heat exchanger, it needs air to flow across the exchanger, remove the heat and carry it into your house. With reduced air flow from a dirty filter, your heat exchanger could over heat and crack.

No Heat

This is another problem that we see very often with all types of heating systems including furnaces, boilers and heat pumps.

  • Furnace – With furnaces, no heat is usually the result of the pilot light going out.
  • Boiler – For boilers, no heat means that the water from the boiler isn’t getting to the radiators. It could also be that the boiler’s pilot light is out.
  • Heat Pump – For heat pumps, no heat could be related to the fan breaking or to low refrigerant.

Insufficient Heat

When your heating system is producing some heat, but not enough, it can be the result of a number of things.

  • Furnace – For furnaces, insufficient heat can be caused by a dirty burner or a faulty thermostat.
  • Boiler – For boilers this can be caused by a blockage in the lines or by a dirty burner.
  • Heat Pump – Similar to a boiler, this can be caused by blockage in the refrigerant lines.

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