Why are Supply and Return Vents Important? A Media, PA Heating Question

If you have a furnace in your Media, PA home then you have a system of ducts in your home as well. These ducts are critical to your home’s comfort and to the efficient operation of your furnace. Without proper ductwork, your furnace wouldn’t be able to heat or cool your home properly. At Cool It, we’ve worked with countless customers on the ducts in their home in Media, PA. We thought our customers would appreciate it if we put together a quick explanation about two particular components of your ducts: the supply and return vents.

What are Supply and Return Vents?

The furnace in your home has a pretty simple job: heat your home. The way it does this is by circulating heated air throughout your home. To accomplish this, each room has registers that allow hot air to come in and cooler air to be pulled back to the furnace to be heated again. The freshly heated air from the furnace travels through supply ducts to the supply vent. The return vents in each room allow for the cooler air to be returned to the furnace, mixed with fresh air from the outside and heated again.

 Take Care of Your Vents

The supply and return vents in each of your rooms are obviously very important to the proper operation of your furnace. In order to get the best service out of them, you should try to take care of them.

  • Don’t block them – You should try not to put furniture in front of or on top of any supply and return vents. This can block the flow of air through them.
  • Properly sized – If the vents in your home in Media, PA aren’t the right size, it can also decrease the efficiency of your furnace.

Proper Maintenance

Another critical part aspect of not only your vents but also your entire furnace system is proper maintenance. Having your vents and ducts regularly repaired and inspected is a great way to make sure your heating system is working well. During maintenance visits, your heating technician can discover small problems or issues and fix them quickly. This keeps them from developing into larger, more expensive problems. Not only can this increase the efficiency of your furnace system, it can also extend the life of it.

If you’re having any issues with your furnace in your Media, PA home, contact the experts at Cool It. We can perform repairs and maintenance on your return and supply vents and on any other component of your system. Give us a call today!