Media, PA Boiler Tip: When to Call for Boiler Repairs

At Cool It, we can provide you with all your Media, PA boiler repair needs. Before you call, it is important to know what to look for so that you know when it is time to call for a repair service. Here are some warning signs that tell you that your boiler may need a repair.

Not Producing Enough Heat

If your boiler no longer produces enough heat, keep these potential causes in mind. First, the water levels inside the tank could be off. When something happens to lower the hot water levels, it can cause reduced heat in the radiators and radiant floor heating system. This could be caused from sediment buildup, or you could have a broken pressure valve.

If the levels are off on your pressure gauge, call a repair technician ASAP for emergency service. Pressure issues in boiler systems could be a safety concern. In addition, the technician may need to flush out sediment buildup in the boiler’s tank.

Water Leaking from the Tank

Water leaks could be another reason for a reduction in pressure. This would also cause improper temperatures in the system. Water leaks are fairly obvious, but call a technician if you notice any signs of a leak, such as rust or corrosion.

Slow Hot Water Recovery

If you use your boiler to heat the water in your home, slow hot water recovery could be a warning sign. If you feel the tank and the hot water is at the top and the cold is at the bottom, there’s a problem. It should be the opposite: hot water at the top and cold at the bottom. This could be a problem with the air pressure or a water level in the expansion tank.

If you suspect any boiler repair needs in your Media, PA area home, call the heating specialists at Cool It.