Springfield, PA Heating Tip: Why Install an Amana Furnace

Is it time to finally replace that old furnace in your Springfield, PA area home? Many homeowners are choosing Amana furnaces for replacing their old system because of their reliability and efficiency. Other benefits of installing an Amana furnace include an excellent warranty program. Call us for details about Amana furnace features and manufacturer warranties.

If you are comparing models, be sure that you understand what the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) number means and how to determine which model is more cost-effective for your needs. Some models feature an AFUE rating of up to 96%, which means that 96% of the fuel is used for actual heat. Look for the Energy Star label to ensure that the model you choose has a high AFUE rating. We can always help you by going over the different models that we install and explaining the features and efficiency ratings.

Models with variable speed fans are usually more energy efficient than furnaces with single speed fans. Some of the models feature stainless steel heat exchangers for lasting performance, and you can also find furnaces that feature air cleaners and humidifiers to help with indoor air quality in the winter. To prevent safety concerns or breakdowns, you may want to consider a model that includes a self-diagnostic control board. There are many benefits to installing an Amana furnace, from energy savings to durability.

Call the Springfield, PA heating specialists at Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about why many homeowners are choosing Amana for new furnace installations and upgrades.