Media, PA Geothermal Guide: Components of a Geothermal System

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are really growing in popularity. They are able to both heat your home by utilizing the moderate temperature of the ground just below the earth’s surface. One of the perks of the system is its versatility, being used in the hot and cold months. Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning provides excellent geothermal installation and repair services. If you’re interested in hearing more about geothermal energy and how it can benefit your Media, PA home, call us today.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize a heat pump to transfer heat from beneath your property into your home. In the summer months the process is reversed to cool your home. This operation requires a geothermal loop system. A geothermal specialist will install pipes underground, which contain refrigerant or water. The system circulates this mixture throughout the coils underground, absorbing heat in the winter, and dispersing it in the summer. This system is connected to a cycle including an evaporator, condenser, and heat exchanger. As with a heat pump or air conditioner, the system compresses or expands the refrigerant mixture, depending upon the temperature requirements. A fan blows air across the coils containing the hot or cold refrigerant, and then the air is moved into the house. This allows your geothermal system to keep your home comfortable more efficiently all year long.

The installation process will take into consideration the topography on which your house sits, as well as the composition of the ground beneath your house. Depending on your location, these coils can be placed vertically or in a relatively shallow horizontal bed. It is a green technology and does not rely on a fossil fuel. Geothermal systems tend to use from 25% to 60% less electricity than conventional systems, require no fuel supply, such as natural gas or oil, are durable and quiet. They are an ecologically-sound solution for homeowners interested in fossil fuel alternatives. To find out if geothermal is right for your Media, PA home, contact a geothermal expert at Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning today.