Types of Heat Pump Repairs in Media, PA

Heat pumps are often praised for their versatility and adaptability to changing temperatures. They are not only highly efficient, but they also run year round to provide home comfort during moderate temperatures. However, like all mechanical systems, then may eventually develop problems and require professional repair. If you notice that your heat pump is no longer transferring heat as it once did, call the experts at Cool It Heating & Air Conditioning in Media, PA.

Let’s take a look at some common problems with heat pumps that require repair:
  • Heat pump doesn’t run. This is likely a problem with the thermostat or electrical wiring of the heat pump. Your thermostat creates a set point that your heat pump works to maintain. If the thermostat is not communicating or inaccurately communicating this set point to the heat pump, it can’t sense the temperature. It also runs on electricity, and therefore requires a working electrical circuit. Whether due to faulty wiring or a blown fuse, have a pro come take a look at it.
  • Frozen heat pump. Your heat pump uses a refrigerant to transfer heat indoors and outdoors. If your system is blocked, then it can cause that cool air to freeze the condenser. This is often a dirty or clogged air filter.
  • Inadequate heating or cooling. While the air from your heat pump is neither as hot as a furnace nor as cool as an air conditioner, it should still provide comfort. If you notice that your heat pump is no longer as effective as it once was, then it may be time to check the filter, to clean the outdoor coils, or to inspect the blower.
  • Short cycling. If your heat pump begins turning on and off too frequently, then it may be at risk of overheating. The culprit may be a clogged filter or faulty blower motor. It could even be the thermostat, which may be sensing the indoor air temperature incorrectly.

These are just a few of the problems you can encounter with your heat pump. Whatever type of heat pump repair you need in Media, PA, call on the experts at Cool It Heating and Cooling!