What’s Involved in Springfield, PA Geothermal Maintenance

While geothermal systems are known for their effective operation and comparatively little need for maintenance, they need care like any other mechanical aspect of your home. As one of the major investments into the operation and comfort of your home, your geothermal components will work more effectively and efficiently when maintained by a professional. Because it runs all year round, routine cleaning and inspection is a great way to ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling system. Call Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning today for comprehensive geothermal maintenance in Springfield, PA.

Let’s take a look at what’s involved:

  • Outdoor unit. Like an ordinary heat pump, your geothermal requires an outdoor unit, housed in weatherized casing, containing a compressor and condenser. Inspecting and cleaning all of the mechanical components, including fans and coils, is a necessary part of maintaining its operation. Dust and debris can have adversely affect the energy efficiency of your geothermal system, and it can even damage components.
  • Indoor unit. The indoor unit, typically located in the basement, contains the evaporator and air handler components of the geothermal system. Any moving parts may require lubrication, so they are freely moving, and coils and filters should be regularly cleaned to prevent condensation buildup and airflow obstructions.
  • Circulation. Your geothermal unit requires the efficient circulation of a water-antifreeze mixture through high-density polyethylene piping. Making sure that these pipes have enough refrigerant to adequately absorb and dissipate heat is an important part of geothermal maintenance.
  • Ductwork. Like conventional heating and cooling systems, your geothermal heat pump uses an air handler to distribute heated or cooled air throughout your home by extensive ductwork. Making sure that such ductwork is clean and free of pollutants is important not only for air quality reasons, but also for energy-efficiency. Even small amounts of dust and debris in your ducts can impede airflow and cause energy loss.

Make sure that your geothermal system is well supported by professional maintenance. It will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your system, as well as ensure that your indoor air quality is high. For comprehensive geothermal services in Springfield, PA, call Cool It Heating and Air Conditioning today!