Top 3 Problems with Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal HeatingA geothermal heating system is an extremely energy efficient way to keep your home warm on even the coldest days, but like any other heating system, your geothermal system is not immune to problems. While these systems are, in general, extremely reliable, there are some issues that could pop up from time to time. The geothermal heating system problems listed below are the most common.

Top 3 Geothermal Heating System Problems

Air flow problems are the most common issue with geothermal heating systems. Just like in forced air system with a heat pump, proper air flow is necessary to effectively heat your home. If the air isn’t flowing quickly enough, you’re likely to experience hot and cold spots in your home, and if it is flowing too fast, adequate heating is not possible.

A geothermal heating system has a heat pump and pipes that run beneath the ground on your property. While the underground tubing is unlikely to leak, leaks in the heat pump inside your home are fairly common. These leaks can greatly decrease the efficiency of your unit, and you may see higher energy bills as the system works harder to regulate the temperature in your home.

An inaccurate or malfunctioning thermostat can also cause problems. Thermostat issues can make it nearly impossible to regulate the temperature. If making sure the thermostat is on the right setting and set to a temperature that should trigger the system to turn on, it’s likely that your thermostat isn’t functioning as it should.

Geothermal Heating System Repair

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, or your geothermal heating system isn’t functioning properly for an unknown reason, you need to schedule an appointment with a professional, such as Cool It Heating & Air. Geothermal heating systems are extremely complex, and finding and repairing geothermal issues can be extremely difficult for novices. Geothermal heating system repair is a job that is definitely best left to the professionals.

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