Are You Due for an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit?

Is your air conditioning system prepared for the warmer weather ahead? An air conditioner’s parts can wear down quite a bit over the course of a year. But if you follow the proper steps to keep your system in good condition, you may keep it around for longer and prevent sudden breakdowns from occurring in the summer. Read on to find out why air conditioning maintenance is so important and how to tell your AC is in need of maintenance.

What Is AC Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance involves a professional looking over every portion of your unit in order to determine what needs improvement. Your technician will check on refrigerant levels, air pressure, voltage, and a number of other vital components in order to determine if anything needs repair.

If something requires repair, your technician should inform you during or after inspection. However, some adjustments can be made on the spot. This includes tasks such as oiling motors or tightening electrical connections. The AC professional will also clean components such as the coils which gather dust and debris over the winter.

Air conditioning maintenance can potentially extend the life of the system, lower your energy bills, and prevent repairs. Parts that are in top shape for the hot weather are less likely to wear out in the course of the summer, and you should keep up with maintenance by following a year-to-year maintenance plan.

When to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

The weather has just started to heat up. Could your air conditioner really require service so soon? The answer is yes! Any air conditioner should receive attention every year (as should your heating system)! And this is most valuable when completed before the weather heats up. Get on a maintenance schedule so that you do not have to worry about remembering to service your heating and AC systems each year, and consider joining a maintenance program.

Call the professionals at Cool It Heating & Air for a thorough air conditioning maintenance visit in Boothwyn, PA. We will look over every part of your system, clean and adjust parts, and keep you informed every step of the way. Ask about our Cool It Comfort Club Membership for maintenance and valuable savings!