Could Your AC Be the Wrong Size for Your Home?

It’s always important to select a quality air conditioning contractor whenever you need services for your AC system—for several reasons. For one thing, an air conditioning technician with the proper training should be able to finish any service faster than you would yourself. But more importantly, a good technician will make sure the job is done right.

Installing a new air conditioner is a costly and time-consuming process, and one you don’t want completed incorrectly. A technician may be able to correct some installation errors at a later date, but one thing that cannot be fixed is an improperly sized unit.

Air Conditioning Sizing Is Complex

Sizing an air conditioner is no easy task. Technicians should take a lot of time determining the cooling capacity necessary to cool your whole house. They may ask you questions about the number of people in your home and even inspect part of the property. Technicians are usually concerned about things such as the size of the rooms, the number of windows, the amount of installation, and the layout of your ducts. Only after careful calculations can they determine the proper system for your home.

The Wrong Size Can Do a Lot of Harm

If your air conditioner is too small, it will have a lot of trouble cooling your home. Eventually, the parts can become overworked from the extra strain, and you may find yourself making frequent repairs for a system that does not even keep you sufficiently comfortable.

So why not get the biggest system instead? Well, an AC that is too large costs extra, for one, and it will run too frequently. Frequent startups and stopping can put a lot of stress on the compressor, perhaps the most important and expensive part of your air conditioning system. If your AC is short cycling (turning on and off too frequently), it could be the wrong size.

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