Busting 3 Myths about Air Conditioners

As an air conditioning and heating company in an area that can go through some extremes as far as weather is concerned, we hear a lot of misconceptions about air conditioners. Some of these are relatively harmless, but others could actually be a contributing factor to your higher-than average energy bills. We’d like to bust a few of these myths in our short guide to air conditioning technology.

Air Conditioners Generate Cool Air

Home heating systems usually generate heat using a set of coils or fuel combustion, but cooling systems cannot actually generate “cold.” That’s because unlike heat, cold is not an energy, and the only way to effectively cool down a home is to remove the heat first. Air conditioners use refrigerant to move heat from the air already inside of your home to the outdoors. This process allows a coil in your air handler to cool down, which cools your home as air blows over it.

Lowering the Temperature Cools My Home Faster

If you come home after a long day at work and your home feels hot and humid, you may turn the temperature down as far as is possible just to try to cool the home a little faster. But this really isn’t how it works. The air conditioner will run for as long as it needs to in order to reach the temperature, but it only works at one even speed. You’ll only end up extending the run time, which can overwork the AC and raise your bills.

A Bigger Unit Is Always Better

An air conditioner must be sized properly to meet the needs of your home. Sizing an air conditioner is a complex task, which involves not only measuring your home, but also looking at factors such as window placement, insulation, and more. If your system is too large, it can short cycle and run too frequently, wearing down parts and consuming energy.

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