Finding a High-Efficiency AC for New Installation

The price tag on a new air conditioner may be a major influence on whether you purchase it. But our experts recommend that you pay more attention to a different number: the efficiency rating. Choosing a high-efficiency air conditioner is often a more economical choice. A less expensive air conditioner with a low efficiency rating only costs more to operate. The cost of running the cheaper unit can quickly catch up with you until the low initial price no longer seems worth it.

A guide to efficiency ratings

Air conditioning efficiency is measured by looking at how much energy the unit uses to cool a given amount of space. The results are represented as a number—the SEER. EPA regulations regulate air conditioners sold in the U.S., and the SEER of your system must be at least 13. However, this is nowhere near the peak of efficiency.

The most efficient units will have a SEER that is a lot closer to 20. You will likely notice the initial price difference, but the monthly savings should offset this. And you can feel a lot better about your environmental footprint as well. Look for a system with the ENERGY STAR seal, which is the EPA’s certification that this system surpasses their high standards for efficiency and performance.

Sizing the system is a vital step

Something that is important to know is that you cannot just pick the most efficient system with the lowest price tag and install it in your home. This system will likely be too small and will have a lot of trouble cooling your home. This will actually raise your bills, not lower them. A system that is too large will struggle too, short cycling and shutting off too frequently which also strains the components.

Sizing an air conditioner is a complex job. That’s just one of the many reasons you should hire an experienced professional for AC installation. From start to finish, your technician will be able to ensure the system is secure and efficient.

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