AC FAQ: Can Closing Vents Save Me Money?

Let’s say that everyone in your home is gathered in your living room to watch a movie. Nobody is occupying the bedrooms but the air conditioner is running throughout the house, so you close the vents in these rooms in order to reduce your cooling costs a little bit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually accomplish what you may think.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about air conditioners, but it seems to make sense. Closing the vents in a single room would seem to reduce the workload of an air conditioner. However, what you may not realize is that your air conditioner was carefully sized and selected before it was installed in your home (as long as you chose a trained technician for the job).

Air conditioners are designed to cool a certain amount of space. The cooling capacity that is necessary for your home air conditioning needs is determined by measuring not just the size of the rooms, but also where windows are located, whether there is insulation, and the layout of the ducts, among other factors.

When you close off a vent, the air conditioner may struggle to operate because it suddenly has to attempt to meet a different cooling capacity than it was designed for. Most often, this means the air conditioner “short cycles,” meaning the run times are short and the system will turn on and off too frequently, which puts extra stress on the components and raises your energy bills.

You may not even notice that the air conditioner is struggling, but this doesn’t mean that everything is okay. Your air conditioner might suffer small bouts of wear and tear, which reduces the system’s lifespan and makes it more likely for problems to pop up later on.

Keep your energy bills low by setting a programmable thermostat to an efficient temperature, turning the system off when nobody is home, cleaning the air filter each month, and scheduling annual air conditioning maintenance with a trained AC technician.

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