Keeping Your AC System Clean: Why It Matters

When we tell homeowners just how important it is to keep the parts of their air conditioners clean, they are often surprised. You may have heard before that you should clean or replace your filter each month, but did you know that not doing so could damage your air conditioner? And would you guess that many other parts of the AC system commonly cause performance and efficiency issues because they are so covered in dirt and debris? Learn more about why air conditioners must be well-maintained in today’s guide.

Dirty filters reduce airflow

As a blower fan sucks in warm air from around your home and brings it to the indoor air handler to cool, a filter stops particles from damaging the air handler and affecting the air you breathe. If the filter becomes too dirty, however, air may not be able to get into the system. If there is limited warm airflow into the system, the indoor coil may freeze. Additionally, the fan motor and the compressor could become overworked, leading to some troublesome repairs.

Dirt on the coils hinders performance

As refrigerant moves through the indoor coils of your air conditioner, it turns into a gas and absorbs heat. Once it gets outside to the condenser coil, it becomes a liquid again and gives off this extra heat. If these coils are dirty, this process is thwarted, and your air conditioner will take a lot longer to cool your home, which could lead to further damages.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Today!

Professional air conditioning maintenance involves a thorough tune-up and cleaning of many of the most vital portions of your AC equipment. Call your local technician and ask about scheduling air conditioning maintenance today. We recommend that you continue to make regular maintenance appointments each year before the cooling season is in full swing.

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