Why Does My Air Conditioner Use So Much Energy?

When you’re saving up for a summer vacation across the country or a family trip abroad, you may decide to take steps around the home to cut costs so you can afford to take the vacation of your dreams. For many homeowners, cutting costs in the summertime begins with the air conditioning system. Most people know that the air conditioner can occupy a very large part of a family’s monthly bills in the warmer season, but cutting out the air conditioning altogether is just not an option.

It turns out that your air conditioner may be using more energy than it has to. If your bills are unbearably high, it may actually be for one of the following reasons.

  • Small repair needs: The smallest of issues can have a major effect on the amount of energy your system pulls in to run. If energy bills seem to spike each time you run your AC, you may need to repair or replace a small part, and you shouldn’t wait for long to get this done if you don’t want this to pay high bills for the rest of the season or deal with a sudden AC breakdown.
  • Dirty filter: A dirty filter blocks airflow into the AC system, and this makes it difficult for the system to cool, which can waste a lot of energy. Change your filter every 1 – 3 months to aid in maintaining efficiency levels.
  • Dirty/poorly-adjusted components: If the parts of your AC are not properly adjusted, or if they are too dirty, the system will suffer in performance and may need more energy to get your home to a comfortable temperature. Regular maintenance includes a cleaning and adjustment of some of the major parts which helps to correct the regular wear and tear of your AC system, so schedule regular tune-ups with an HVACC professional for optimal efficiency.
  • An outdated system: You should expect the parts of your AC system to wear down sooner or later. An air conditioner that is ten years old will use more energy to run than a new high-efficiency system, and it could be time to consider replacement.

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